A lot of us ‘ravers’ are now in our 40’s, the 50s and even 60s and we still hanker for the old days.
Many of us are still hitting the dance floor to re-live our younger days at the one-off reunion
parties and if you are like us at Dirty Rave Merch then you are still going out weekly or at the
very least 3 out of 4 weeks a month (we need to have some battery recharging time).

At Dirty Rave Merch, we aren’t out clubbing all the time, we do have real jobs which is
running a printing and merchandise company.

For years we have printed T-shirts for friends, family and large clubbing brands so we thought
that we may as well offer some of our designs to you guys.

If you want a personal design then let us know and we’ll be happy to make anything for you.
If it makes us laugh or smile, we may even add it to the list of items we offer through the

We can also print on a multitude of colours so if you don’t want black or white then let us

Music (and Merchandise) is the Answer!
See you on the Dance Floor